Expedia Promo Codes and Basic Economy Airline Tickets

5 Reasons to Be Careful About Basic Economy Airline Tickets

Discount airlines have become popular with passengers – which has made the major airlines offer more affordable ticket options like basic economy. Budget-conscious travelers find this choice appealing because they like to save money on flights. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the major drawbacks of buying an economy ticket.

Expedia Coupons May Not Be The Greatest Deal.

So you were browsing a popular travel site like Expedia and you came across some great looking Expedia.com vouchers for cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta. While normally you would say ‘sold!’ and reserve your seats, you may want to check out what kind of benefits you may get if you book directly with the airline…or join their loyalty program.

Seat Selection Can Be a Nightmare.

The major airlines (Delta, United, and American) don’t allow basic economy passengers to select seats until after checking in for their flight. That means you could end up sitting anywhere on the plane. Also, if you are flying with a group, you might not get to sit together.

When you buy an economy ticket for a flight, you are actually on standby and are only assigned a seat if one is available. That means if your flight is overbooked, you will end up getting bumped. Unfortunately, many travelers don’t realize that buying an economy ticket implies that they are, in essence, on a waiting list for a seat. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk not having a seat on a flight, you shouldn’t buy economy tickets.

If you do get a seat assignment with your basic economy ticket, you will still end up in the last group to board the plane. Passengers have found that this is frustrating because they often struggle to find available overhead storage for their carry-on luggage.

Basic economy tickets offered by all the major airlines are non-changeable. That means you aren’t allowed to upgrade your ticket if you decide to later. Also, you aren’t allowed to change your flight date either. For example, if your travel dates change, you will lose your money for your ticket. Therefore, if you think your travel dates might change, you shouldn’t buy economy tickets.

The major airlines now charge passengers for any checked luggage. Unfortunately, American Airlines and United Airlines don’t even allow basic economy passengers to bring carry-on luggage on their flight. If you do have a carry-on bag, you will get charged a fee (depending on the airline) to have your bag gate checked.

In short, buying the cheapest ticket from a major airline is risky, because you might not end up with a seat on the flight. Passengers who fly basic economy aren’t reserved seats ahead of time, and they only get to select an available spot at check-in. Furthermore, if the flight is overbooked, passengers with the cheapest tickets won’t get a seat at all. Also, you can’t make any changes to economy tickets. That means you aren’t allowed to upgrade your ticket nor change your flight. Therefore, make sure you consider all of those critical issues before booking an economy flight with a major airline.